Capacity Building

What are the barriers that inhibit your organization from achieving its goals?
You know it. But do others know it? Are enough people aware of what you and your organization do? Do you need or want to serve more people or different groups of people?

Identifying these obstacles and developing strategies for overcoming them is what we call “capacity building.” At Janus Small Associates, capacity building has been at the core of what we’ve been doing for years.

We approach capacity building as an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of nonprofit organizations.

Janus Small Associates has partnered with many organizations on capacity building projects, including identifying communications strategies, improving fundraising initiatives, enhancing volunteer recruitment, ensuring effective leadership succession, updating technology and improving how organizations measure outcome.

When capacity building works, a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission is strengthened and it can then have a positive impact on lives and communities for generations.

JSA brings depth and savvy to any engagement. I’m particularly impressed with their competency to work with people of color and immigrant/refugee serving organizations. My strongest recommendation to potential clients for any aspect of organizational development work.
Michael Byunchief executive officer, Asian Services in Action