Working with other organizations who have similar missions or target populations is another approach to increasing an organization’s sustainability, or a way to stretch resources – especially in today’s world when more and more funding organizations are looking for collaborative projects to support.

Janus Small Associates has a long and rich history of working with nonprofits across all sectors and funders both regional, statewide, and nationwide. Through its well established and ever expanding networks with funders, nonprofits, and nonprofit experts in the fields of law, accounting, research, fund development, and more, Janus Small Associates is well positioned to make these important and sometimes life changing introductions and connections.

Some of Janus Small Associates’ clients are built on a collaborative business model – the Refugee Services Collaborative and The US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking for example. The Refugee Services Collaborative is a group of 15 refugee service providers coming together to coordinate and maximize efficiency in providing a variety of services to refugees in Northeast Ohio. The US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking operates on a national level and serves its members by providing coordination, administration and funding research and initiatives around a shared mission.

Ms. Small exhibited a unique capacity, sensitivity, and insight enabling Finance Fund’s Board of Directors to identify salient issues and frame viable strategies within the planning process. Her thoughtful preparation and straight forward approach made this the best planning retreat in 20 years.
James Kleinretired chief executive officer, Finance Fund