Our Work and Clients

Janus Small Associates works with full range of nonprofits

 Janus explains how she formed her company and why:

I work across a full spectrum of types of nonprofit organizations and I don’t mean just from small grassroots to giant organizations. I do do that.  But I tend to do more with small grassroots to mid- to medium-large organizations. I do less with big systems, big hospital systems, big university systems.

We often work within a department or part of one of those large systems, but my love is the smaller, mid-size or medium-large organization.  I work across all sectors, meaning arts and culture, community development, social service, faith-based and environmental.

Before I formed Janus Small Associates, I had three jobs. I was executive director of an arts and culture organization, a social service organization, and an education organization.

And what I saw was that most people know their framework and their area of focus really well.  A social service organization director knows all about what’s going on in social service, but they don’t know about these others.

I was just fortunate to be put in that position and to see all the possibilities and all the opportunities there.

I will give you some examples:

  • I’ve been able to connect arts organizations talking about how to expand their audiences in impactful ways with houses of worship, with faith-based organizations and there have been remarkable results.
  • In my work with community development organizations, I have been able to connect them with the faith-based community as a way to really reach individuals and families and neighbors.

Sharing the potential collaboration, sharing the way one type of organization thinks with another is not only rewarding for me, but the results for the organizations are most exciting.

I would say that what I have most appreciated in working with Janus is her willingness to think both from a big picture perspective and also with attention to detail.  She has been a valued assistant to the Wean Foundation across a broad array of services, and her knowledge and experience have always added to the product she delivered.  And through the process, she has become a friend and confidante.
Gordon Weanpresident, The Raymond John Wean Foundation